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vb_listings Rules and Regulations

-You are allowed to post listings other than Craigslist or eBay. Those are just the top 2 listing sites to my knowledge. Feel free to introduce our members to new sites!

-Do not post any knock off items! If you're not sure, post it and we will investigate before approving the post.

-You are allowed to post small items made out of VB fabric [journals, bookmarks, head bands, keychains etc]

-You are not allowed to post purses, totes, cosmetic cases, etc that are made out of VB fabric.

-If the item is dirty or looks highly damaged, then think twice before posting.

-If the item is over priced, or not considered a "good deal", then do not post it. However, if the item is RARE then you are allowed.

-Make sure the seller has a 98% or better feedback rating. We don't want any of our members dealing with a deadbeat seller.

-You may post your own VB auctions.

-You are allowed to post eBay store links, but be sure to post at least one specific link to a VB item.

-You may post a listing from any of the individual Craigslist pages [Meaning, you can post a listing from anywhere in the US.]

-If the seller says "cash only", then you probably shouldn't post it.

-OBO means "or best offer". EUC means "excellent used condition".

-You are allowed to post your own CL listings.

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