Member Participation & Update on VB Prizes for Contest

Hey guys,

I've noticed that only 2 of our members have posted listings. This community is about sharing ads from across the country so that everyone can have a chance to get some great VB deals. I really want more of our members to join in the fun and get to posting! Like I said, it may benefit you later on in certian contests!

We have had some of our wonderful members inform us that they will be donating prizes to the Member Recruitment contest.

So far, we have 4 VB items for the top winner. If you want to win some free Vera Bradley, then you should participate!

If you're interested in joining the contest, comment here, please!


Member Contest Update! Read if you want to participate!

Hi everyone,

The mods are hard at work to get all of the rules set for our member recruitment contest. We are going to have actual VERA items as prizes for the top winner.

So far, we have some items in  Peacock and Classic Black that will be donated. If you want to donate a small VB item, we will reward you with other prizes.

Every person who participates will get a small prize [some sort of personalized graphic], but only the TOP 2 will get more than that prize.

If you are thinking about participating, comment here so we can get an estimate of how many people we'll have competing. The contest starts soon!

Remember, prizes will also be awarded for graphics made for the community. We will have a list of graphics that we would like, and if you complete any item off of that list, you will be rewarded a certain number of points.

We will also be rewarding one person a large amount of points for coding and creating a layout. There will only be one winner, but more than one person can submit a layout for a smaller point value.

Any questions? Comment here :)


vb_listings moderators
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Calling all Katherine Pattern Fans!

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These are kind of cute:


Member Recruitment Contest - Coming Soon!

vb_listings will be having a member recruitment contest which will begin within the next week at the latest.

Bascially, this is how it will work...

-Any member who has joined BEFORE the start date will be eligible for participation.

-We will have either an email account set up, or a section of the community dedicated for new members to post who they were referred by. Each member counts as one point.

-If you promote vb_listings at another community [make sure you read their rules!] it will count as 5 points, even if no one else joins.

-If you make a banner, icon or any other graphic for the community, you will be awarded 10 points.

The top 3 recruiters will get some cool prizes which are TBD. Who knows, if we get enough participation, I may be willing to give some actual VB prizes!

So, get ready, get set... But don't start until the given date, otherwise your points won't count!

More rules to come. Believe me, this will be fun, and worth it! :)

We will also be having some other neat contests that are VB related once we get more members. I have some fun ideas in mind. 

I am still looking for 1-2 more mods. Check out the first post for more information.  My boyfriend has agreed to be one of the members of our graphics team. He will be creating some of the prizes for contests. He's really, really good; trust me!

Also, let's get some more activity going on, ladies! Who knows, your posts may benefit you in the contest.... ;)


Member Poll - What do You Want to see @ vb_listings?

Poll #1067402 vb_listings Member Poll

Should VB related chat be allowed?

Yes, but it shouldn't be the main focus.

Should multiple listings be posted in one entry?

Yes, but only if it's the same pattern.

Would you participate in a member recruitment contest? [Members recruit others to join the community, and prizes will be awarded.]

No, because I wouldn't be interested.
No, because I don't have many LJ friends.

If we had VB related contests, would you participate?

Yes, that would be cool.
No, not my thing.
Maybe, it depends on the contest.

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Welcome! :)


This community is the place to post Craigslist or eBay listings
of Vera Bradley products.

Please read the userinfo before posting.

Some things you should know :o)

**You must be a member to post, but as of now, membership isn't
moderated. If we have any issues, it will be moderated.

**I am looking for 2 other mods/assistants who will help me with
the community. You will need to help approve entries, help with any drama and
just be available to assist with anything that may come up.

**If you're interested, then please fill out the form under the
cut and post it as a comment in the screened entry. 

**I am also looking for someone who will help me with some coding
and graphics
. There will be some sort of reward if you help out with this.

Thanks, and happy posting.

Chelsey // chelseylance

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